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Arm Rest

These simple yet ingenious pads will improve the comfort and productivity of lab technicians.

Simply by using your arm rests you can prevent strained muscles, poor circulation, carpel tunnel syndrome, and aching joints.

The height adjusts to three comfortable settings dependant on your needs. Product is simply maneuvered to three comfortable heights.


The arm rests fit any counter or desk. The minimal overhang will not interfere with the operation of drawers under counter tops.

Non-skid durable polyurethane construction keeps the arm rests right where you put them.

No assembly is required. The product comes out of the box ready to use Completely washable; just wipe clean.

The generous 12" x 6.5" surface provides enough space to rest your whole forearm as you access adjustment knobs.



Adjustable Microscope Base

Position Your Microscope for You

Perfect posture is just a knobs turn away with this adjustable microscope base. Raise and/or tilt your microscope into the ergonomic position YOU need.

Two inches of adjustment is available from 1" to 3" by simply turning the knobs at the corners. An infinite number of heights and angles are possible with the threaded leveling feet. Non-skid feet keep your instrument securely in place.

Large 14.5" x 8.5" powder coated steel plate will accept most brands of microscope.

Large ergonomic knobs are easy to use even while wearing gloves.

No assembly is required. The product comes out of the box ready to use. Completely washable; just wipe clean.

Made in the USA.